Wednesday, July 30, 2008

22 Books

That's the name of this Flickr mashup.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

THING 5; FLICKR Services and Mashups

I've stalled on this one while I painted the living room, dining room, and kitchen, and entertained visitors from Germany for ten days. I've couldn't figure out how to upload the code from my favorite mashup, so I tried the Flickr Postcard Browser.

I uploaded the Flickr Postcard Browser to my blog, but I don't have Flash on my computer here at work, so I'll have to check it at home.

If you had a color printer you could have a lot of fun with this for posters, especially for youth services. It would be fun for a "find the letters" hunt, too; maybe you could play with the letters so they worked within a theme or color palette.

I like the idea of sharing photos of library events, photos of the library, or books/bookshelves online. For my own photos, I prefer them to be open only to family and friends.

B O O McElman_071126_2018 S

Attention Enfants ! (détail) Educational Block R E

f Bead Letter U N Exclamation bag

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Thing4: Flickr exploration

I had fun with this one! I had some familiarity with Flickr before but now I know EVERYTHING. Maybe. I didn't know there was a Flickr blog!

I've used tags in the past to look for images on Flickr for customers.

I looked for bird eggs and found some nice photos. Nest also worked well. I uploaded the photos (see posts 6/25.)

I chose this "less interesting" option because my digital camera data card is full and I can't find my cord to upload to my computer.

I learned from some customers that there's a gadget that holds the data card at one end but has a USB plug on the other end. So when I can get the car back from my teenager, I'm going to find one!

I love the things I've seen where libraries use Flickr for publicizing (past) events. I love the custom "read" posters!

One idea would be to have a Flickr feed of your library's town (in my case, Minneapolis) on the front page. With an adult content filter!

Or to create a little portal to your town with RSS feeds from local paper and TV, a weather box, and a Flickr stream. I stole this idea, I think from the ALA Tech blog. I'll check and verify.