Saturday, January 20, 2007

Password Encryption

I like KeePass myself - I use it a fair amount - not least because your master password can be pretty big and strong if you want it to be, and because it's a local program that I can control myself. Also, it's free and open-source, so I can trust its security a little more (because of the transparency of the code) and it's my own business what I do with it.

So what I think you should do is this:

1) Download and install KeePass on multiple computers, or download its portable version and keep it on a USB drive.

2) Store your passwords in a file on the desktop using KeePass.

3) Webmail (gmail or some such) that heavily encrypted file containing your passwords to yourself, and delete the file from the desktop.

4) Repeat this process whenever you change or add a password.

Now, you have a well-encrypted and readily available file with all of your passwords in it wherever you go.
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KeePass portable is the best way. Install it to your thumb drive, set a good master password on the database, and you'll have your passwords with you wherever you go, with vastly better security than you'd get by storing it in a Google document or Word document. You could also install Firefox portable on the thumb drive and use that instead of whatever browser is on the machine you're using so that your browser history doesn't end up littered across computers everywhere. You can also keep the KeePass database updated and available with Dropbox as described at the Lifehacker link above.
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I use foxmark's password syncing feature. Passwords are encrypted before storing them on a server, so you need a master key to decrypt them. Works well for me
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I like SuperGenPass for website passwords. It's a bookmarklet that generates a one way hash based on the password you enter and the domain of the site.
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KeyPass + Dropbox is flawless.
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